On Facebook, what is the difference between Timeline, Wall, Newsfeed and Home Page?

Facebook Newsfeed (Home Page)

Your Newsfeed, also known as your Home Page, shows you some of what your Facebook Friends are up to, as well as what the Facebook Pages you like have been posting. The Newsfeed is different for every person, since we all have different friends and like different pages. And your Newsfeed is private to you – only when you share, comment or like something do others get the opportunity to see what you see. (To access your Newsfeed – click Facebook on the top left of your Facebook window.)

Facebook Timeline (Wall)

Your Timeline, also known as your Wall, is what is happening in your life, according to Facebook. If you scroll down to the very bottom you will see the date you were born and then everything you have posted on Facebook since then, all in chronological order. Near the top is what is newest in your Facebook life. Your Timeline is also where your friends can write you a public post. When you are friends with someone – they can see your Timeline. (To access your Timeline – click on your own name and surname at the top right of the window.)

If you have a page / are administrator for a page, that page will also have a Timeline / Wall – when you post something on your business page, you will see that post in your personal Newsfeed. The reason being: When you are an administrator to a page, you also like the page, and your Newsfeed shows you what happens on the pages that you like.

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